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Toy Theatre Performance

IN S P IR E D  by the grand tradition of Nineteenth Century Juvenile Drama,  the Toy Theatre Company (and its website, toy theatre.info) had/has as its purpose to offer opportunities to develop the unique creative toy theatre skills to today’s children (of any age) and to channel them once again to the original intimate family (or small school) setting.   This activity became so popular in the 1800s that publishers printed and sold sheets of theatre fronts, scenes and characters from the current plays.  These could be purchased,  coloured and mounted and the plays performed to the delight of family and friends.  Many of these sheets are again available and for sale in the “Sources” section of this website

FREE DOWNLOADS !!  Several generous members of the Toy Theatre community have offered copies of theatres, as well as plays and directions for production, to be downloaded...by individuals, parents or teachers.  We are very grateful to the following contributors and will be pleased to include any offerings that are forthcoming in the future.:  Send to Gigi and Glen <gigisan@ecoisp.com>.  


In addition to Harry Oudekerk's Journal  -- 

And his current edition on line: www.vischmarktpapierentheater.nl

Many generous downloads are listed here:

Trevor Griffith  --  www.toytheatre.co.uk

Trevor and Dorothy Griffith have led in free downloads for years and we salute their generosity by putting them first on our list.  Two complete theatres and many plays.  Great site!

From Will Stackman  --  The National Museum of performance Arts

in the U.K. has a download of the complete Pollock's "Cinderella"
and interesting plans for an all-paper Toy Theatre.


AND  --  I've got some toy theatre projects on my Tech Notes blog at

http://masterwill.blogspot.com .

Brian Marshall  --  www.ruislip26.freeserve.co.uk

Making toy theatres - several theatres with directions.

Mark Corrington  --  www.ipa.net/~mc64802

American Miniature Theatre - Terrific theatre plan and directions; includes Everyman play.

Peter Peasgood  --  [Fierce Feathers]

Wonderful play about Thanksgiving.  This is a special gift from one of our British friends.

Judith O''hare  --  [Petit Puppet Play]

Includes complete instructions for making a box-type theatre, paper puppets, planning the production and making the presentation....excellent for teachers.

  [Victorian Stage]

Workshop handout for making collapsible foamcore Victorian stage...good size for classroom use.

Agusta Agustsson  --  [Downloads]

Great Pop-up foamcore stage......sets can be presented as pages in a book with pop-up scenery.  Also four complete plays (Folk/Oriental/Egyptian) included.. 

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