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The Toy Theatre Company Presents

( Now a local performing company.  Mail Order closed in 2004.)

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Diamondhead Community Center

2:00 pm Friday 20th June 2008.  Admission free.

Playhouse in the Park, Mobile AL

3:00 pm Sunday 22 June 2008.

( Robert and Eve are passing through and visiting after an exhibit in Los Angeles.)

The first international toy theatre festival in the Netherlands
 will be May 16, 17 and 18  2007
Vischmarkt International Toy Theatre Festival

The ticket sales start May first.
You can buy advance tickets by email:
Advance tickets cost €4,-- . p.p. per show.
A "Quartet", 4 tickets at once, costs €15,--
Tickets for all the 11 shows will cost you €37.50
and will only be available through email.
During the festival individual tickets will cost
€4,-- for children up to 12 years and €4.50 for adults.

HarryO and Vischmarkt Theater

For more information go to
Harry Oudekerk's toy theatre magazine:

T H E A T R E    M U S E U M ,     C O V E N T – G A R D E N

 On Friday June 30th 2006

F O R    O N E    N I G H T    O N L Y ! 

S P E A I G H T ’ S    J O Y S

A    R E G E N C Y    E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Humbly and Affectionately Dedicated to the Memory of

 M r&  M r s.   G e o r g e    S p e a i g h t

T H E    B A T T L E    O F    W A T E R L O O    B R I D G E
ROBERT LLOYD, Proprietor of a
Juvenile Dramatic Repository on the Surry Side
WILLIAM WEST, the Old and Original
Theatrical Print Publisher



T H E   M I L L E R   A N D   H I S   M E N
An Explosive Melo-Drama
Re-ignited by YOUNG BLOOD

The Script by Mr. Pocock
The Overture and Music, entirely new in 1813, composed by Mr. Bishop
Played on the pianoforte by Mr. OLIVER DAVIES
The Action Arranged by Mr. BARRY CLARKE
The Scenery by Mr. West and Mrs. Stokes. Likewise the Dresses

GRINDOFF, the Miller
KARL, his Servant
KELMAR, an Old Cottager
CLAUDINE, his Daughter
LOTHAIR, a Young Peasant
RIBER, a Robber
GOLOTZ, a Second Robber
ZINGRA, a Third Robber

S O N G S    O F    T H E    C I D E R    C E L L A R
by Mr. CHARLTON   (The Ratcatcher’s Son)


The Doors to Open at Half-past Six. The curtain to rise at Seven o’clock sharp.

V I V A T    R E G I N A .

And Heaven Help the Enterprise!

Courtesy of Horatio Blood <> ,  Print and mail  [Booking Form]

S P E A I G H T’ S  J O Y S

at the

Theatre Museum, Royal Paintings Gallery

on Friday 30th June, 6.30 for 7pm


To celebrate the life and work of George Speaight, the champion of popular entertainment whose passion and enthusiasm kept the toy theatre alive throughout the twentieth century, we proudly announce a special performance of the romantic melodrama The Miller and his Men.

The Miller was first performed at Covent Garden on Trafalgar Day 1813 to unbounded applause. Such was its success that it was quickly taken up by the toy theatre publishers and soon established itself as the most popular piece in the entire juvenile drama repertoire. This play was a particular favourite of George’s who made it his own with his famous shows of Webb’s version with which he appeared before the public for seventy years until his farewell performance in 2003.

In honour of George for one night only the Regency stage in miniature will be recreated with an historic presentation of the earliest surviving complete juvenile drama edition published by William West, the original and finest theatrical print publisher. Due to its erratic printing history (the various sheets appeared between 1815 and 1833) and the formidable challenge of procuring the original engravings we believe this is the first time West’s Miller has been seen on any stage since at least 1854, the year of his death.

The picturesque Bohemian scenery and elegantly delineated characters have been specially enlarged for this production and will be enacted upon a theatre (expressly built for the occasion) incorporating West’s proscenium ornaments of 1829. The amusing script by Isaac Pocock, concerning the dangers of dyed in the wool villainy masquerading behind an apparently respectable façade, will be prodigiously rendered by a live cast of esteemed players and accompanied by Henry Bishop’s original music on the pianoforte.

The proceedings will be overseen by William West himself and the evening will conclude with a selection of bawdy songs. Wine and refreshments will be served.

There are a limited number of seats so please reply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

 [ Playbill ]     [ Booking Form ]

Tickets cost £15 and must be booked in advance by maillng this form using BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE. For more information please contact Horatio Blood on 020 7232 1790. E-mail:


International Meeting of Paper Theatre in France

From:   Papierthéâtre <>

La Communauté de Communes de la Région de Mourmelon (Marne) and the Compagnie Papierthéâtre are glad to inform you that the International Meeting of Paper Theatre will be held there from the 11th to the 14th of May 2006.

The International Meeting of paper theatre is going to be held from the 11th to the 14th of may 2006 at Mourmelon City.
More on the web :
- A presentation of the companies
- Exhibition
- Cabaret
- Practical Informations
- General schedule

  For more information see their web site announcement at

Or click here:    <>

Link to Preview,2006

Link to Program,2005

Preetz cover image
See Their Web Site
* * *  18th Annual, 8-10 September 2006  * * * 

"This meeting is the largest one in Europe.  It joins toy theaters from Holland, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and USA.   It serves as a meeting to exchange, contact and inform for all those who are interested.  It is unique in the variety of participating theaters, not only concerning their nationalities, but concerning their modalities of plays, genre, and technical equipment of the stages.  But they have to be toy theaters in the sense of using flat paper figures only, no puppets.  "
 Jurgen Schiedeck  <>
 See  Past years  and  More from Preetz

For more information on puppetry arts in general, go to [Puppeteers of America's Home Page] which has current festival schedules.  
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