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 Title from Poulter's flyer 

Laurie Webb and Peter Baldwin
Friday October 14th to Sunday October 16th
Pierremont Hall in Broadstairs Kent


Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs
Monday 10th to Sunday 23rd October

See Programme     See Booking Form

   Laurie Webb        and        Peter Baldwin    * * *  See Gigi's Picture Gallery * * *  for her description


The Arts Libraries at UC San Diego present:

A Paper Theatre Festival and Exhibit

July 1 through July 31, 2003

It's the Smallest Show on Earth!  In our display cases:  tiny replicas of famous theatres made of paper.
Paper theatre was a very popular form of drawing room entertainment
 in the Victorian era:  Families built the theatres and put on plays.
Stick around after our performance and help us build the next theatre.

Live paper theatre performances on the following SATURDAYS at 1:00 p.m.: July 12, 19, and 26.
(free parking on the weekends)
On the lower level of Geisel library at UCSD in front of the Arts Libraries display cases.

Picture Gallery from last year's exhibit

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This 200-year old art form was most popular in countries with fine color printing presses. Many paper theatre productions were printed to promote actual theatre houses and the actual productions mounted there. This festival features classic productions and new works written and designed just for this festival.
Festival director: Scott Paulson. Call (858) 534-8074 for more information.

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Great Small Works'

Metronome Logo
Artists & Archivists, Puppeteers & Papermakers,
Sculptors & Scriptwriters, Dollmakers & Diaoramaists,
Researchers & Recyclers, Miniaturists & Activists & More
To participate in the sixth
On Display 2-25 January 2003 at HERE Arts Center, New York City.
Contact:  Great Small Works c/o Alessandra Nichols,
258 Seventh Ave 3rd floor, Brooklyn NY 11215
For more information: (718) 840-2823 or <>

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P of A 03
Including four workshops
with Harry Oudekerk and Tenika

Make figures, scenes, and
a theater to take home.
With a work-through
performance of his Faust
See his own description

Black Eyed Susan Poster

Schedule of Events

Three days, nine performances.


Special hotel rates
and How to Get There.

Registration Form

to print and mail-in.


Thomas Walls Centre, Sutton 

June 8 at 12 noon

with George Speaight, Joe Gladwin, John Neil. Peter Peasgood,
Pauline Venables + Toy Theatre Workshop for children.

Notice copied from : Guild logo

Most recent U. S. event was at the  [ P of A National Festival ] , 8-14 July 2001 in Tampa, FL.
Tampa U View
Robert Poulter
led theWorkshop:

Model Theatre in Performance. 

 See his Prospectus !!

Seattle 1999 was a great first U. S. "Gathering of the Enthusiasts".
Next was 20-23 July 2000 at Great Lakes Regional Festival, in Madison, WI.
[Robert Poulter] with his New Model Toy Theatre and 
[Jon Bankert] with Euripedes' The Bacchae were there.  and Robert's Report in [English] or [German]
from the Hanauer PapierTheater Schloss bulletin Sept. 2000. 
See also [Puppeteers of America] for present and future events.

Festival 99 Logo
Chris Carter and Robert Poulter
P of A Logo



at the [National Festival] of [Puppeteers of America] at the University of Washington in Seattle. See Gigi's Fest99 Picture Gallery   and TT Exhibit .

As a guest of the Organization, he offered three workshops, demonstrations, and an exciting performance at the Toy Theatre Salon at the end of the series. 

Other Toy Theatre performers at the Salon included: Ralph Aymin, Robert Burns, Alison Heimstead, Gigi Sandberg, Gregory Schott, Marianne Tucker and her friend Veronica. 

At left: Chris Carter, Festival 99 Director, with Robert Poulter enjoying refreshment at the Toy Theatre Salon.

Seattle sunset

9123 15th Avenue
Seattle WA 98115
The Northwest Puppet Center
is Proud to Present

Miniature Worlds of Fantasy 
Toy Theaters Past and Present

An Exhibit Curated by Robert Burns
April 9-15 June 2001

More info from their press release

* * *

Third International Meeting in Troyes

Troyes fest Affiche
(160km east of Paris, south of Champagne) 
Will be on the 26, 27, 28th of April 2002. 

Twelve companies; among them: 

Chinese Theatre Workshop from United States
Le Petit Théâtre de l'Absolu from Canada
George Speaight, Peter Baldwin, Joe Gladwin of England
Severinus and Römers Privatheater from Germany
National School of Puppets from Poland
Houdart-Heuclin, Egregore, Papierthéâtre from France

 - A large exhibition on French printers of Paper theatre,
- A few shops for reprints,
- An auction of old sheets,

... and many friends gathering from all over the world.

 Contact:  Alain Lecucq
23 bis rue du Cloître Saint Etienne 
10000 TROYES (France) 
Phone/fax : 33 3 25 80 58 33 

From Alain Lecucq: 
We are going to have our second international meeting in Troyes (160km east of Paris, south of Champagne) the 28, 29, 30th of April 2000.  .  .  .  If you are interested you are welcome on [] . . . Click on "News" and you are going to arrive on the International Meeting of Toy Theatre.
If you like to exhange with us on that subject friday 28, saturday 29 and sunday 30 of april, all the important people (G. Speaight, P. Baldwin, D. Reimers, D. Dröse, M. Bayon, H Oudekerk . . . ) are going to answer to you questions and answer with you (in english or in french) on [] . Click on "forum", then register (s'enregistrer in French), and last go on "divers - general". That's where we are going to discuss.  Hope to read you. . .
Best regards,
Alain Lecucq
23bis rue du Cloître Saint Etienne 
10000 TROYES (France) 
Phone/fax : 33 3 25 80 58 33 
E-mail : []
See [ PROGRAMME ] for schedule of events.
From [ Harry Oudekerk ] :
The second "Meeting of Troyes" is going to be held from the 28th to the 30th of April 2000.  The main idea is to show people "From the Past to Today".  For the past there is an exhibition of the most important collection of spanish theatres in Europe from Mariano Bayon - Madrid and there are shows by George Speaight and Ab Vissers. For the present is an exhibition of what is going on in the USA and modern paper theatre shows like Unia from Poland. All together 8 companies will perform: Paperplays and George Speaight from England, Phoenix and Grims from Holland, Unia from Poland, Eric Poirier, Théâtre de Mathieu and Papierthéâtre from France. 
There will be several distinguished guests: George Speaight, Peter Baldwin for England: Mariano Bayon and Paco Perinan from Spain; Dirk Reimers and Dietger Dröse from Germany, and many others.
Furthermore there will be three days of Forum on the Internet. Since we are going to have all these specialists here, we will open a forum on paper theatre. We will have a web site for french puppeteers ( and people have only to go on this Forum to open a discussion on their favorite subject.

[AN INVITATION] From [Rick Shelley][] to [August 2000 shows] of his Serenissima Theatre.  A standing ovation from Gigi and see [Jon  Bankert] and [Poster '98] and[March 2000]

Original Toy Theatre Opera debuts in San Francisco! 
8PM Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12 February, and 5PM Sunday 13 February 2000.
See reviews by [Bruce Hoard] and [Erin Blackwell]
See The Household Opera explained on the Internet at :
For three days in February the Genevieve Gallery played host to the celebrated Bay Area vocalist Randall Wong in a new-in-2000 collaboration with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. 

In yet another aesthetic departure for the Studio, Wong has created a new opera to be staged in a Victorian toy theater.  Built by the composer, the tiny theater houses miniature sets, lights, and puppets.  The opera is performed live by an ensemble of vocalists and musicians. This performance is the culmination of Wong’s Wattis Residency at Yerba Buena Center.
To find out more about any of these performances, come see us at [] or phone us at 415-437-6775.

In New York City,   Feb 24 - Mar 12, 2000: Thu-Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 3pm.
Dream Music Puppetry Program
presents Chinese Theatre Workshop's Toy Theatre

 - Retells the greatest epic masterpiece of 16th century Chinese Theater in miniature, using modern Western techniques of puppetry and toy theater alternating with traditional kun opera, dance, song, and music.

Directed by KUANG-YU FONG
Performed by RICHARD CHANG,
Music performed by BAOGANG LIU,
Kun Opera taught by YUHANG WEN

Peony Pavillion

For Tickets & Info:  212-647-0202  [ ]  145 6th Avenue, NYC, NY 10013

[A RETROSPECTIVE]   From Peter Peasgood about the WishTower Festival of New Model Theatre and Traditional Toy Theatre, EASTBOURNE, October 24 to 26 1997, Festival Director Robert Poulter.

For more information on puppetry arts in general, go to [Puppeteers of America's Home Page] which has current festival schedules.  Also see [Rose Sage], who opens a wider horizon on her home page.

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