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Harry Oudekerk

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Laurie Webb
Laurie Webb, grandson of H. J. Webb the publisher.

George Speaight writes somewhere about
"a gingerhead boy that came to Pollock's shop",
well that boy died during WW2 and this is his brother
See also his Review of Preetz 2001

Alain leCucq and Christian Reuter
Alain leCucq and Christian Reuter
Eric Poirier
Eric Poirier

Harry and Tineke Oudekerk with their production of Faust

Curtain call.
Harry and Tineke Oudekerk curtain call
Tineke showing 
the Young/Old 
Faust trick.

And Harry in back,
smoke tubes

Oudekerks explaining their gadgets

Joe Gladwin showing Peter Peasgood 
Joe Gladwin and Peter Peasgood
backstage of his Beauty and the Beast,
Joe Gladwin's Beauty and the Beast
 and lowering the curtain

Roemer theatre backstage 1
Römer Family Theater

A quite complex and large theatre
in which they performed
Orpheus and Eurydice.

Watch for a portrait of them in 
Toy Theatre at Fish Market 
Magazine Issue 13.

Roemer theatre backstage 2

Theatre of the German family Severin.

With front and side panels closed it is just a black wooden box.
When you open the front, Presto!! a Theatre!!
Severin theatre front
Set of
Love for
Three Oranges
Severin theatre side