From Peter Peasgood:

 . . . I enclose some photographs of The Wunder Kaberett and also our Commedia D'ell Arte show.  They both operate on the same system as Die Putzfrau Geht Nach Hollywood which you saw in Preetz 2000 using horizontal rods through a long slot in the backcloth. 

Die Wunder Kaberett stage front and scene.

Image file wukaba.jpg courtesy of Preetz Volkshochschule web site.

Peter Peasgood pointing.
Image file peasgo2.jpg courtesy of Preetz Volkshochschule web site.

You may be pleased that we have been invited to perform at Preetz in 2002 with our English Harlequinade, Escape from Covent Garden, a robust production by Roy Adams and augmented by myself.  We use Pollock, Webb, and other sheets and it is essentially Victorian and totally in Rhyme.
An anachronism is that I have Joey Grimaldi in his 1820 Union Jack costume, purists may complain since he retired in 1822 and died in1838 one year after Victoria succeeded the throne.  We have also the Punch printing house and the Judy printing house in one scene totally out of scale with the total time elapse.  We are the only company to perform Harlequinade in a reasonable production w3hich gives a very good idea of what the original was like and so I feel justified in a little distortion. . .
Peter Peasgood 
Harlequinade scene.