VISCHMARKT TEATER Toy theatre Company has already been briefly written about in our Newsletter by Laurie Webb but the presentation does really deserve to be seen to fortify the opinion that it is a real piece of modern theatre.  It raises itself above the usual visually direct style of Faust in the toy theatre in that the images of the Faust Drama are here in oblique reference.  Perhaps it is advisable that one is acquainted with the Faust plot in order to be fully immersed.  I would say that here we have more of the concrete Damnation of Faust by Berlioz than the velvety Gounod to citc two existing opera creations.  Do not expect the familiar operatic convention of sung parts and yet the piece has operatic relationships in that the music enhances the drama.  The musical accompaniment is a wonder in itself.  By being composed and then purposely distorted by computer we feel additionally bound and strongly pulled within the tragic plot.  It was Jaques Tati who recognized more than most that in the Cinema a selective background sound whether farmyard, street or music caused the visual images to glue.  The music here does indeed glue and casts its magic.  It is not the cliched compositions used in horror films but instead is itself an important elemental motif in guiding us.  The set and figure designs are excellent and move theatrically, seemingly under the spell cast by this strange, eerie and yet beautiful music.