Lynn Zetzman's collection on display at the Aaron Bohrod Gallery in Appleton, Wisconsin 
from Oct. 22 to Nov. 16, 2001 (Photos courtesy of Don Abramson - Chicago)

The large theatre above is the Royal Drury Lane in London as restored by Stephen Langdale, a retired Anglican Priest living in Malaga, Spain.  The theatre is three dimensional and is almost five feet tall.

Above is a general overview of the display.

These unique theatres were designed by Lynn who then commissioned them to be handpainted by a group of women in Nepal.  The one above has been preserved in an uncut condition; the one below has been mounted and constructed for performance of a delightful Nepali Folk-play.

The theatre on the left is Lynn's own pagoda design.  On the right is a small Punch and Judy theatre as well as a small theatre available on the Internet.

The two photos above display a variety of theatres complete with scenes, and in most cases figures and lighting as well.  Of special interest to U.S. visitors to the exhibit was the tiny Mississippi River Showboat atop the right hand pedistal.  Almost all of the other models are imported.


No Toy Theatre collection is complete 
without an Edward Gorey "Dracula" 
so here is Lynn's  --- and this is another 
of her favorite dramatic productions.


And here is Lynn's life sized Punch and Judy theatre complete with Bottler ! ! ! Again, utilizing Stephen Langdale's artwork, Lynn enlarged his original many, many times to achieve the desired size...after which she painted the "penny plain" original and built the stage for it.  Her performance of the classic drama is also remarkably accurate . . . with proper British accent!!

Above is an array of theatres of diverse sizes, shapes, and origins.  Of special interest are the classic figures and theatres mounted and displayed on the wall, a common practice of preserving antique "sheets".


Lynn is shown in the center photo  proudly presenting her collection to a prominent visitor . . . Bill Fosser, from "Opera in Focus" (and in earlier years from the old Kungsholm Theatre and Restaurant) in Chicago.  He and Don Abramson (who is taking the pictures) drove to Appleton for the day.  It is obvious that Bill is thoroughly enjoying himsel . . . see photo on left.