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Toy Theatre Guilds

In years past, Toy Theatre has influenced the lives of many prominent and interesting people from many walks of life. . .and they, in turn, have influenced Toy Theatre.  Several, from Europe have already been mentioned and the Guilds there continue to be active and growing. In the USA the history included a few distinguished persons also;  Alfred Lunt & Lynn Fontaine have donated their collection to a museum in New York. . . . and Charlie Chaplin was an enthusiast notable in the USA & later in Britain.  What has not existed UNTIL NOW is a Guild where it is possible to meet other enthusiasts, share sources of materials and production ideas and techniques. . . . and what better place for this to happen but on the NET!

The first formal meeting of the TT Guild happened at the Puppeteers of America National Festival in Toledo, Ohio, July 27 to Aug.2, 1997. Bob Burns and Gigi Sandberg gave a workshop there on Performing with Toy Theatre and examples of our TT collections were displayed and enjoyed by many of the 650 puppeteers who attended the Festival.  34 of them participated in the Toy Theatre workshop. Bob has been named the official T.T. Consultant on the PofA Staff.  He has, to date, published three Toy Theatre Guild Newsletters (hard copy) and plans to continue when/if he receives the input and feedback he needs. .
Nothing can be so frustrating as putting out a newsletter without any contributions from outside. . . so in Bob Burns's behalf.. . please send material to him at  [reburn@aol.com] for the hard-copy Toy Theatre Newsletter.  OR  his mailing address is 3602 47th Ave. N.E., Seattle WA 98105.....Phone: (206) 523-7368.  He particularly wants "how to's". . . suggestions that have worked for you.  He has plans for a great collapsible stage for the next issue but needs more material to share FROM YOU.
Here's Bob Burns with [Pollock's]St. George and the Dragon.

For more information on puppetry arts in general, go to [Puppeteers of America's Home Page] which has current P of A services and festival schedules.            Currently maintained by [Webmaster]

Also see [Rose Sage], who opens a wider horizon on her home page.

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