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  [ Deceased 19 February 2006 }
While Bill Fosser's Opera In Focus does not conform to any rigid definition of toy theatre, or even model theatre, it is most certainly miniature opera at its very finest!!!  For the many thousand fans of the old Kungsholm Restaurant and Theatre in Chicago, news of Bill Fosser (one time Head Puppeteer at the Kungsholm) and his re-creation of this fabulous musical experience will be most welcome. Click on his picture for some fascinating history and  check their web site for a current [Schedule].  e-mail: []
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Arthur Gardner 

[ Deceased 6 July 2000 at age 85. ]
Harry Patton, one of the founders of Puppeteers of America was trying to include Toy Theatre in the extensive program of activities at the Retirement Residence  BROADMEAD at 13801 York Rd, Cockeysville MD 21030-1825.  He has sent much interesting info on programs underway in his residence as well as info on other retirement communities that might be interested. 

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