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More from Harry Patton  [ Deceased 6 July 2000 at age 85. ]

Harry Patton, one of the few surviving founders of Puppeteers of America is trying to include Toy Theatre in the extensive program of activities currently at the retirement residence  BROADMEAD at 13801 York Rd, Cockeysville MD 21030-1825.
March 13, 2000
Much going on - lost track of puppetry.  In hospital for chest pain one week end - Tests show no big problems but part of getting to 84 (3-7-00).  Used to be 5' 7", now 4' 11".  Use cane all the time.
Son Kevin (my youngest) visiting from N. Z. 3-14 thru 3-25.  I now have a big move from G-1 to Stoney Run #305.  Same size apt. but 3 floors up, and is attached to main bldgs.  Still drive to P.O. & market & Quaker Meeting.  The enclosed [Serenissima Announcement] came in the mail.
Love, Harry
Here is a photo of Harry with a miniature theatre & Velcro puppets designed by Andrew & Bonnie Periale . . two very talented puppeteers and Editors of Puppetry International.  For more info on these versatile puppets for elders and children see the [Perry Alley Home Page]
He has recently sent the above photos to be included in his "paragraph" along with a discription of his "troups" (the 3 young puppeteers shown at left -- Rachel & Joshua Stacey & Troy Smith) presentation on 1/25/97 of "Noah's Ark" to a group of seniors at Broadmead. (This is a retirement community of approximately 400 Quakers).  Harry reports dealing with serious health problems at this time...so suggest you sent him a card at the above address since he in not on-line personally.  However, he does have a friend that gives him copies of this Page from time to time. . . so TAKE CARE, HARRY----WE ARE THINKING OF YOU.
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