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Lorraine Aressy


Hi Gigi and Glen,

. . . . Very busy restoring my Mon Theatre and its 24 kg of sceneries!  All was built on wood and cardboard by a little boy in the 1905/1906 years ! As on the Baldwin book, it had not his original stage, so I had to go to the National archives department in Paris to have a look on the original collection of newspaper where the plays were edited. A wonderful day in an old library only open to librarians, teachers, . . .

One hour before I took the night train to return to Toulouse, I entered an antic shop asking if something was available in engravings or precinema, the man said : "Yes, I have a lot, it has been there for fifty years." The shop belong his father before. And I got out with a lot of sceneries from Didion, an editor in Metz (France), in the Epinal style.

. . .  lot of Epinal sheets from the auction in Chartres. The sheets were good but the good news was the original proscenium of Theatre français with them. The auctionner had forgotten to say it was with the lot ! . . .

So, you can see that I was really busy in getting toy theatre last months. And may be it will go on during hollidays, because there is an exposition of engravings in Metz during summer. It was a very important town for edition during the last century, and many shadow sheets, theatre sheets and many more comes from this area. It is only 1000 km in car and we expect to go in two days, visiting Epinal during the travel. I am waiting a reply from the Archives departementales where the Pellerin sheets are . . . I hope to be able to have a list to complete a catalog of French sheets of toy theatre. I see that you expect to publish a Schreiber list, it is a very good idea to put such an information. And we could do the same with most of the french material collected during my travel.

Hope good news from you both in America . . . Lorraine


With husband and friends, she performs Magic Lantern shows and builds optical theatres similar to those of XVIIIth century.  She recently met [Mike Bartley] by e-mail who helped her transmit some fabulous photos and description (much of it in French) to include on this Site. See also  [Magic Lantern] .


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