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       More from Mike Bartley 

   and Janet Tamblin 



There are no words to describe a visit to the Bartleys place in Plymouth: they warn visitors of this in advance.  You can't even begin to see what's there in less than 8 hours and most people need much more.

The first photo at right shows Mike, Janet and daughter Bobbie on the steps to catch the Mayflower to the New World.  Unfortunately, they missed the boat. . . They would have been welcome additions to the US. 

The patron saints of puppetry, below, were hand-carved by Mike, who also has a magnificent collection of marionettes made by him.  His toy theatre collection would dazzle anyone (only one shown below) particularly in the way  they are displayed on the wall.  Another facet of Mike's performing expertise is as THE Gallanty Showman. A gallanty proscenium is shown below with the famous "Broken Bridge".

The photos below are of Mike and Janet in a "magic lantern" performance.  They are very active in the [Magic Lantern Society] in Europe.

Tiger likes the Magic Lantern Show!
See also [ Magic Lantern Techniques / History ]

And now a treat:

Click on the image below and you will download a QuickTime panoramic view (a 645 KB file) of Mike and Janet's basement display room, with toy theatres, lanterns, and projection screen.  We were there!

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