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[ Paperwork ] exhibit November 2001.

How to make simple shadow puppets:

You will need the following:
drawing paper
black construction paper
spray adhesive
x-acto knife or scissors
florist wire
needle nose pliers with wire cutter

Take the drawing of the figure you wish to make into a puppet. (Make a photocopy of the drawing if you wish to save the original.)

Apply spray adhesive to the back of the construction paper.  This will become your puppet.

Make a "sandwich" from the two sheets; the drawing and the construction paper.

Carefully cut out the puppet figure. 


When finished, slowly peel the drawing off of the construction paper.Carefully peel the drawing off of the construction paper.

Make a small wand from the florist wire.  Use the pliers to bend the end into the shape shown.  Make the handle long enough to comfortably hold the puppet.

From a small piece of scrap construction paper, fold a small attachment as shown.  First, slide it through the end of the wand.  Second, glue the tabs to the back of the puppet.

That's it!  You're fininshed!

Kell Alexander Black, Clarksville, Tennessee

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