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More from Pat Breithaupt

Pat Breithaupt  sends exciting news of plans of the Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis to start a Puppet Center.  The group has a web-site which may be accessed at <http://members.aol.com/PGSL>

She also reports on preparing and utilizing Toy Theatre scripts in a successful program of teaching Spanish at a local summer Camp and invites visitors to contact her for more information on this project.  . Her home address is: 

465 Kitchell, 
St.Clair MO 63077. 
Phone (314) 629-5788.

Produced by the Milton Bradley Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, in the 1870s, this theater measures only 10 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches high. In addition to this river view, the hand-tinted lithographed toy could be set up with forest and street scenery. 

Pat says: "This is supposed to be the oldest in the U.S.  I'm still on the trail of it."

The colorfully lithographed 
Theater Imperial was published by J. H. Singer of New York City around 1885. On stage is the final scene from The Battle of Bunker Hill. 
The New York City firm of McLoughlin Brothers issued the American Theatre in the early 20th century. The lithographed paper set was equipped with a grooved wooden stage, on which figures from fairy tales could stand and be moved into different positions. 
Little Red Riding Hood is enacted here. 
Pat Breithaupt with Cobbler and Stork, adapted from Eugene Field's poem. The stork flaps its wings and flies. The whole show is made from recycled materials. 
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