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Phil Funkenbusch

More from Phil Funkenbusch

Phil is apparently an accomplished puppeteer having worked with the Bread and Puppet Theater in New York and again recently at Washington University in St. Louis.  BUT what really makes my old heart sing is that he bought a toy theatre from me and plans to be part of our group.

He is mow Director of the Shows Division,
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum
212 North Sixth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62701
Phone 217-785-6085   Fax 217-558-1559

Lincoln Museum Springfield IL


Two clippings from Phil Funkenbusch, aboout a play entitled Lincoln's Log by Barry Kornhauser:
. .
Review by Jane Holahan
New Era staff writer 

Review by Marty Crisp
Lancaster PA Sunday News, ? March 1997

Lincoln's Log set drawing.
Lincoln's Log set drawing

It explores the life of Tad Lincoln from age 8 to 12 when he lived at the White House. . . and it utilizes staging techniques interesting to the Toy Theatre community.  The action takes place on and around a large puppet stage, built to resemble Ford's Theater. . and combines live actors, puppets and projected slides (in a Toy Theatre setting) of the real Tad Lincoln and the Civil War in the background.

Needless to say, Phil is very anxious to get this production "installed if possible" in his Land of Lincoln setting.  More information about this unique theatrical presentation is available from:

Phil Funkenbusch,
212 North Sixth Street
Springfield IL 62701

Phone (217)785-6075 (office) or (217)414-5268 (cell).

e-mail:  [ phil.funkenb@illinois.gov ]

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