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More from Darius Halpern

A scene from his production of Jaws in his Robert Poulter - style theater.
see Nov. 2001 Playbill.

Darius Halpern [Darius_Halpern@mon.bbc.co.uk] recently sent a copy of the storyboard for his new project "Icebound", a story about the expedition of the US Naval ship 'Jeanette' to the north pole around 1870. He says that it is a grim story:  The ship is caught in the ice pack and, after a year or so, breaks up.  The crew have to make their way back home via the Siberian Coast.  About half of them make it--the rest, including the Captain, don't.
The storyboard includes drawings of backdrops, wings, figures as well as specifications for music and effects.  If Darius gives permission, this will be scanned and included here as a demo of what a storyboard plan is and/or does. The two penguins shown here have "walk-on" parts in the script.
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