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More from Fritz and Kathleen Kannik

It is a pleasure to welcome Fritz & Kathleen Kannik to this site. They live in Springfield, Ohio and their home page is [http://www.kannikscorner.com]
 e-mail:  [fritz@kannikskorner.com]

They are specialists on the subject of historic costuming.  

Fritz grew up in Copenhagen and his family had (& he now has) quite a collection of Alfred Jacobsen theatres & plays from Denmark.  He has the same ones that are available from the Toy Theatre Company. . . only he also knows how to build the collapsible stages with the lights, trap doors etc.  

He says he would like to assist anyone trying to build one of these stages  (I recently had him build one for me and it is JUST RIGHT). . . AND he can/will do script translations so we can do many more of the Danish plays. . . & use more of their glorious sets and figures!  Fritz is shown at left viewing Toy Theatres on display at the Art Museum in Tampa.