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More from Stephen Langdale

If anyone belongs in a listing of Toy Theatre Enthusiasts, it is Stephen Langdale! <stephenlangdale@la-colemena.com>

He is a "retired" Anglican Priest from the UK (and a very active member of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild) now residing in Spain.

A fantastic artist, Stephen has painstakingly restored many old English theatres and plays and has created many new ones as well.  His works are listed and are available in the USA via the [ Toy Theatre Company ], but they may be purchased from him directly at:

Calle Callejon de Martinez 7, Jatar, Granada, España;
phone 00 34 95 835 9388.

For a fascinating description of his recent experiences taking Toy Theatres to Australia, click here:

[ Toy Theatres to Australia ]   from Newsletter of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild.

Also a description of a popular variety of Toy Theatre:

[ Gallanty Shows ]   from The Puppet Master  vol. 15 no.8 (Autumn 1998).

From the introduction to his Harlequin Jack and the Beanstalk, in his own handwriting:

[ Harlequinade ] as a Toy Theatre format.
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