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"You asked what type of lights I used? I used the seed grain bulbs that operate on a 12 volt transformer. There are 63 bulbs in total within the model with a capacity for 72. There are 6 front of house spot lights plus a chandelier; 5 white and 5 red foot lights as well as 5 white and 5 red upper proscenium lights.
Within the stage itself there are 12 upper spots and 11 lower; also there are 2 overhead banks of 12
lights each of varying colours. The bulb holders are made with the material from coke cola cans and
painted matte black. The framework for the hanging spots are made from the metal parts used in model
ship building. The chandelier is from a Victorian dolls house. The fly gallery can cope with the safety
curtain, front tab, first set of wings, second set of wings and 8 "flying" scenes. There is also a vertical
curtain track mid stage."
"The model figures for the audience and orchestra pit are of HO gauge and the scenery is adapted accordingly for that scale."

Front view of HO scale (1/8" = 1' or 1/96) model theatre and light controls.

Left side showing backstage.

Right side showing fly gallery and light controls.
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