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Making Toy Theatres
Theatres, figures, and scripts to Download!!
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I believe I am what is now called a silver surfer having retired from business five years ago (I was an industrial and architectural photographer). My interest in toy theatres began about four years ago when I started making and selling them at craft fairs encouraged by my Wife (Maureen) who has always been interested in the "Real Theatre". Although I don't think I made any profit it was nice to see the expressions on children's faces when they saw the theatres; indeed at times they took over the stand and ran it for me. This provided invaluable tips on how to improve the designs, especially the robustness of them!

I think my main interest in toy theatres is not in the performance but the construction of them and especially in writing the plays, if only I could have written a "Harry Potter"! When we moved house a year ago to a delightful village in Wiltshire, England, I had no space for a workshop and I felt that the sound of a circular saw in the kitchen would not go down too well with the neighbours so concentrated on the internet. I thought at the time that this would save me a lot of effort in having to make the theatres; however, because I worry that I may have got some measurement wrong, I keep printing and making them up so consequently there are many examples dotted around the house. I did find a use for one at the weekend: Glued to Maureen's hat when we went to a garden party with the theme of "Who is wearing the most outrageous hat". She didn't win but it was good publicity for toy theatres! . . .
Best wishes,
Brian Marshall  [brima@ruislip26.freeserve.co.uk]