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More from Bill O'Neil

Bill O'Neil has a fabulous Toy Theatre collection including the highly prized Gorey Dracula (above right) and the magnificent Tivoli Theatre with the Peacock Fan Curtain (and Danish building instructions which he is translating with his Danish dictionary ONE WORD AT A TIME.  He would appreciate any help).  He is not on-line yet but you can contact him c/o his son, [patuone@sbcglobal.net].  His home address is 78 Oak Knoll Loop, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

He sends two sets of Jumping Jacks. . . first a traditional sheet that he enlarged from a postcard from a museum in Munich.  He noticed that the printer is Epinal and he hopes that there will be no sharing problem as there is no profit involved.  The second set is from a roll of unusually creative gift wrapping paper and it came with an enclosure card of instructions.  Enjoy!!!  A further tip from Bill...when he travels he always takes a sturdy plastic mailing tube to roll any paper "treasures" he finds along the way.

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Epinal sheet copied from a museum postcard


HOW TO MAKE A JUMPING JACK  (copied from wrapping paper label) 

First, paste the Jumping Jack onto a piece of cardboard. When dry, cut out the different pieces.  Pierce the limbs and the body at the black dots for the joints. Take the arms and upper legs and pierce smaller holes 1/8" above the top joint holes. Fasten the joint holes together - the limbs on the back side of the body with small brads, pieces of wire, or string knotted on both sides (see FIG 1). Be sure that the parts are not too tightly fastened together, so that they are easily movable. Now connect the arms with a string between the small holes above the joints; the legs, likewise. The string must be rather tight when the limbs are hanging downward. The middle of these two strings is joined by another string whose end is allowed to hang down (see FIG 2). If you lang up the Jumping Jack and pull on the end of the string, you will see why he is called a "Jumping Jack" (see FIG 3), 

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