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       More from Harry Oudekerk

The warmest welcome imaginable was given Glen and Gigi Sandberg when they visited the Oudekerks in the Netherlands last November (1998). Harry came in to Amsterdam to ride on the train with them to Harderwijk, a very medieval Dutch town (complete with wall) where he lives.  The photo shows two "spots" which are Harry and Glen just outside the entrance to the town.  It was a very wet day so most of the pics taken on the walking tour did not come out....but this town is truly the picturesque "Holland by the Zeiderzee" from the travel magazines. 

At Gigi's request, Harry gave a quick demo of his Adobe Photo Shop techniques on his computer.  He has a summary  on his website [ http://members1.chello.nl/~h.oudekerk01/ ] with an entire toy theatre to download and print,  including the play Puss in Boots. 
E-mail him at: <h.oudekerk01@chello.nl>.

The other photo is of Harry's wife Tineka's doll house, filled completely with miniatures of her own making.  Miniatures (related somewhat to Toy Theatre) is also one of Gigi's hobbies so meaningful conversation between the two women was possible even though neither spoke the other's language.  Sorry the photo of Hobbes, their magnificent puppy didn't come out--he is so special.

Ab Vissers arrived later in the afternoon bringing lots of Toy Theatre materials to share and the day seemed to end much too quickly for everyone.  See his contribution at  [ Ab Vissers ] .

* * * PS from e-mail 13 Oct 2000:
"After all these years, we are building a theatre in our house, seating 6 people, and this christmas we will really perform our musical version of the Christmas Carol." * * *

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