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More from Peter Peasgood

Sylvia and Peter Peasgood with Barbara Reimers, Preetz 1997

Now a free download[Fierce Feathers], a toy theatre production in four short acts,

adapted by Peter Peasgood in 1995 from the story by L. V. Hodgkin
From Peter's letter:
. . . . . Now I have an idea for you. Could you copy on to the net all the enclosed sheets . . .  for the play "Fierce Feathers" which I have dramatised from the story by L. V. Hodgkin. If it is possible, then all the AMERICAN TOY THEATRE enthusiasts could then download . . . .   The play's content will not suit everybody but it is very good for children as there are not many speaking parts but quite a bit of pushing on. An adult should be the narrator since this is a long part requiring timing so that the scenes can be changed. It is a true story of frontier life in a Quaker colony on the banks of the River Hudson at Saratoga Springs just prior to the American war of Independence. Every little Quaker character in it actually lived and have their real names and all the costumes are authentic to the period with jackets without buttons. The Indian names I have made up but are typical for these Forest People who lived by trapping but who respected Nature as a Divine Vision. Dressed in the buckskin, and wearing Wampum Bead Jewellery they make good characters for Toy Theatre set against TheQuakers. . . .

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See also the article I wrote about the Ramsgate Festival which will appear in the next UNIMA Bulletin.

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