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Ab Vissere backstage

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Ab Vissers

A lot has changed here; we sold our house in the suburbs, and bought a marvellous old house right in the centre of Utrecht. When we bought it, it was dilapidated; it had been a student’s house for many years and was a complete ruin. But all the original elements from about 1700 were still there.  Marble chimneys, shutters, plaster-ornamented ceilings, and even the cupboard-beds in the attic where the servants used to sleep.  We started the restoration, and after seven years of hard work it was finished.

On the first floor the “salon” or drawing-room, was restored to its former glory, and that is now my theatre.  See photos ==>

Harry Oudekerk sent us a CD/QuicktimeVideo of a performance / demonstration by Ab Vissers -- a  project of one of Harry's classes!  And a magnificant job these students did!!  This is going to be a major asset in our up-coming TT workshops here in the USA and we are very grateful.

 Thanks to Harry's CD I at least know what this Toy Theatre Legend looks like..and now, so do you.  (my imaginary picture of him had included a monk's robe and a waist length beard...this is a very different "legend" indeed). We can vary the picture to show him with his theatres and figures (here in the background is the small Moorish Theatre from Prior's in Denmark....he admits that he generally prefers the Danish Theatres and sets)

Ab has reprinted a small but fine collection of toy theatres, shadow theatres and peepshows (no, he is not in the sex-business: they are the old fashioned dioramas). . . and he gave us copies of these as gifts during our visit.  They are lovely miniature versions of old "collector" theatres and  I do believe that his tiny theatres will be "collector items" in the future.  Contact him if you are interested.  His new web site is [www.papierentheater.nl] and e-mail address:  [info@papierentheater.nl]. He may have some to sell.

"It is VERY important that there is one central point of information and contact for all the 'not quite normal' people who are fascinated by Toy Theatres!:"  

So let him hear from you....I'm sure he will be happy to meet you. 

Fireplace wall
Corridor exhibit

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