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". . . Celebrating a rich tradition

Gateway to a world of the imagination -- a 
classic Theodor Guggenberger proscenium 
from Schreibers becomes the stage for an 
age-old story.
Am I alone in thinking that what made us pick up scissors and glue so long ago was not just the love of creation, but the love of an audience?

This point was really driven home recently when a little book came in the mail, sent to me most promptly by Pollocks Toy Shop, London. Teatrini Di Carta, by Italian author Gastone Scheraggi, may be only 55 small pages, but what a find it is! The author searched through his personal archives and created this collection just for us. (You can read more about Teatrini di Carta in our book section.)

Signor Scheraggi, of course, found his audience through the fine help of the folks at Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna. We may not be so fortunate, but it doesn't matter -- we have that latest incarnation of Gudenberg's miracle -- The World Wide Web -- at our disposal.

And so, with a few clicks of the mouse, words and images stream around the world. Can an audience be far off? . ."

". . . And bringing it back to life

And speaking of bringing things to life, I hope you'll find my special interest of constructing 3-d paper models using toy theater as source material of interest. I have been using Adobe Photoshop at work, and it was inevitable that I would sooner or later stumble on the answer about how to bring back to to life dusty images from dusty drawers -- and dusty imaginations. . .

For your pleasure, I'll be offering a number of 3-d models for you to print and assemble, and tell you how it was done -- just in case you just might want to try your hand yourself. . ."

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