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Lynn Zetzman

By mail from Lynn:

I've lived in Katmandu twice, once in 1978 when I finished at the university, went traveling, and well ended up staying in Katmandu for an extended period. Also in 1997-98 when my husband had a sabbatical from the university. There were 3 shorter trips sandwiched in between those extended stays as my hubby and self have been exploring the subcontinent. We've given up new cars, owning a home, etc. to be able to travel. We did buy a house finally 6 years ago when we outgrew a one bedroom apartment, and both of us were working. . .

I had a very nice time in Copenhagen. I did get to Priors Museum and shop. I ended up buying 5 theatres there: A Pollock's St. George and the Dragon, which is shown on your web site with the American who had put out a newsletter on toy theatre. ( I didn't know that until I got home and went back to your site).

I bought a Tivoli Garden Peacock Oriental stage. Fritz and Kathleen have promised to translate instructions for it, again thanks to your web site.

I bought a Danish x-mas story with a back wall that drops out to expose a dream stage. This was a sheet like your magic lantern piece. I built it out of wood and it is wonderful. I made a moveable figure of the boy who can lay down in bed with a pin and thin fishing line. I also saw metal slides. So I've been busy soldering metal slides for figures to slip into. These can be used with all of the pieces I bought in Denmark.

I bought a set of postcards which create a small (display) stage of the Royal theatre, and then have sets and figures for numerous shows. No scripts but several are well known stories, maybe 30% are unique to Denmark and not known to me. It can collapse. The curtain comes up into a fly space. There are directions in English. I think you could sell these from your site if you wanted to buy some from her.

I bought a front for the Moorish stage with curtain. Instructions in German. This is supposed to have fly spaces, trap doors etc. Do you have English instructions for this? You do sell it. If you could send English instructions I don't have to wait for a German friend to give up Sat.. to help me complete this one.

Lynn Zetzman
Her new web site is:  http://my.athenet/~ratstar ;  e-mail:

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