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Jan.-Dec. 2001, Archived Feb. 2002

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26 December 01

Peter Peasgood's Die Wunder Kaberettand his review of Harry Oudekerk's Faust.
Links to Harry Oudekerk's web site for his review of Preetz 01 and his production of Faust.

24 December 01

On the page Toy Theatre Events, Perennial -  #Preetz 2001 :
Links to Preetz Web Site for 14th Annual Program and Review
Laurie Webb Review and Harry OudekerkPicture Gallery

8 December 01

Kell Black exhibit Paperwork with link to streaming-audio interview.

29 November 01

Darius Halpern play Jaws

26 November 01

On the pages Toy Theatre Events, Coming and Perennial :
Links  to new Preetz Web Site and preview of 15th Annual Papiertheatertreffen, 6-8 Sep. 2002.
Announce Jon Bankert  December 2001 performances of A Christmas Carol
and move plays Peter Pan and Sweeney Toddto More from Jon Bankert.

25 November 01

Started Exhibits sub-topic.
Report of  Lynn Zetzman exhibit Long Live Toy Theatre at Bohrod Gallery, UW Fox Valley.
Link to British Puppetry and Model Theatre Guild new Web Site on Techniquespage.

23 November 01

Report from P of A National Fest, Tampa 2001 from Past Events .

20 August 01

Link to  Preview of 14th Annual Preetz Festival from Coming Events .

28 July 01

Link to Arline Smith from  Techniques of Interest and page for Andreas Kahre

1 July 01

Added Robert Poulter's Prospectus for his workshop at PofA 2001 Festival, Miami.

22 June 01

Added Sean Martinand Rachel Webb
Updated Will Stackman  e-mail address.

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21 April 01

Reorganized Events page as an index  with Coming, Perennial, and Pastsub-pages.
Announcement of exhibit Miniature Worlds of Fantasy - Toy Theaters Past and Present  by Bob Burns

27 March 01

New entries in Network of Enthusiasts for Diana East, Lynn Zetzman, and Alexis Xenakis.
Deleted entries for Antony Alvarez, David Claudon, Brian Drake, Jim Regan, and Lettie Schubert.

25 February 01

[ Report from Peter Baldwin ] with Figure Drawings by Peter Peasgood about Preetz 2000.

31 January 01

[ A Report ]  from Trudy Cohen about Great Small Works' Fifth Toy Theater Festival,
2 - 19 November 2000 in New York; links from [T T Events] and [Network of Enthusiasts].

6 January 01

New in 2000  List of items not yet listed in appropriate stock categories, link from Toy Theatre Company page.

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