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Jan. - Dec. 2005, Archived July 2006

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27 Nov 2005

Moved  WEBB'S TOY THEATRE Festival 2005 to /Events/Past/ and added Gigi's Picture Gallery report.

24 Nov 2005

Added invitation to Oudekerks' performance in Appleton WI on 17 Dec 05 and updated Preetzer Papiertheatertreffen announcement for 2006 on /Events/Coming.htm .

13 Nov 2005

Fixed links on  /Events/Coming.htm  to See Programme, See Booking Form, Seattle 1999, Descriptions, Prospectus, Robert Poulter, and on /Events/Passed.htm to Robert Poulter, Workshop, Prospectus, Seattle 1999Jon Bankert, Picture Gallery, English, German.

6 Nov 2005

Added Ann & George Neff and Agusta Agustsson to Network of Enthusiasts.

19 Aug. 2005

On Welcome page created topics [Museums] with link to Pollock's Toy Museum , and  [Memories]  which now contains historic revivals and the subdirectory In Memoriam , and link to:
         Trish Lewis' Toy Theatre Chat Room "Penny Plain and Tuppence Coloured" .

17 Aug 2005

On Sources page added [Stephen Langdale] link to his Network page, current address and e-mail, and his current Order List.  Added  reference to Free Downloads from [Trevor Griffin] and Sells Theatres to [Fritz Kannik].  Added [Pollock's Toy Museum] link with explanation that the Scala Street location is no longer a toy store but Barry Clarke and Gabrielle Warden's web site is archived under [Memories].

4 July 2005

In Coming events added WebbFest 2005 in Broadstairs, Kent, UK Announcement and Programme.

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