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Updated 7 August, 2006 by Gigi and Glen Sandberg

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14 August 2006

Added Will Stackman's  http://masterwill.blogspot.com  to  [Free Downloads]  page.

7 August 2006

Added Gale Wollenberg to Network page and LinkList.

23 July 2006

Added Judith O'Hare's workshop handout Victorian Stage

28 May 2006

Added  announcement of  SPEAIGHT'S JOYS  commemorative performance, 30 June 06 on [Events]

21 May 2006

Added donated Toy Theatre exhibit at Puppetry Arts Institute, Kansas City MO on Announcements page.

23 April 2006

Created [Free Downloads] and [Magic Lanterns] topics and updated [Techniques] topic.

15 April 2006

On Welcome page created topic:  [Internet Links] to become an index of all the web sites mentioned on this site.
Moved Trish Lewis' Toy Theatre Chat Room "Penny Plain and Tuppence Coloured"  from Welcome page to that list.

Removed [Toy Theatre Company] topic and entered explanation under [sources]  - "Closed December 2004".

5 February 2006

Added Announcements page with recent happenings.

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