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Jack DanielVirginia native Marcia Jones-Thom says she was born to sing. After experimenting with various styles, including musical theater, she found herself captivated by opera. Thom came to Nashville from New York City and began a successful teaching and performing career. WPLN's Andy Schienman reports. Listen now with RealAudio. (Morning Edition June 1, 2004.)
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Author Peter Krass
Artist Gregg Schlanger
Bassist Viktor Krauss
Ellie's Garden

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Live in Studio C:
Classical guitarists Richard Todd and Mitch Weverka, followed by jazz vocalist and saxophonist Liz Johnson with pianist Chris Walters

The Songwriter Sessions:
Carter Wood, Kevin Gordon, and A.J. Roach

Bluegrass Breakdown:
"Cadillac Sky & Patty Mitchell Live"
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